Using our broad reach into the financial services community, particularly stockbroking firms, we are uniquely positioned to help companies maximise their market capitalisation by direct engagement, as well as achieve results above and beyond usual when companies raise capital through their existing shareholder base.

Peloton Shareholder Services (PSS) has developed a sophisticated shareholder engagement program that we believe achieves results better than any other when a company is raising capital via its existing shareholders. By actively using the services and expertise of a range of qualified and working stockbrokers across many firms in every major capital city in Australia the take up of issues utilising our unique system has been highly successful.
PSS believes that a strong and effective Investor Relations program is a critical to a company’s business plan and is an area that is often overlooked, avoided or done badly. PSS is not a public relations firm, our skills lie at the heart of getting your company in front of people you can’t get to. We aim to create a broader circle of professionals who understand and are selling your story, allowing management to get on with running the company.